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Sekhmet Holistic Wellness LLC

Sekhmet's Sage Stick Bundles (2pk)

Sekhmet's Sage Stick Bundles (2pk)

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Our sage bundles are perfect for releasing negative energy, improving mood and purifying the air. 

Two sticks per package 

Sage Instructions to clear negative energy

Take a moment to determine what exactly it is that you're trying to purify or release from your space. Set an intention and say a mantra or prayer then light your sage using a candle, match or lighter. Walk around your space and allow the smoke to flow around. Guide the smoke—and the bad energy—toward an open windows or a door, so it can escape

How to properly extinguish your sage

Press the burning tip firmly into your fireproof vessel, dirt, or sand until the smoke no longer rises. DO NOT USE WATER- it will be harder to light next time.

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