About us

🛑Update Effective 25 July 2022🛑

We are undergoing a name change, this better fits the growth of the company over the next couple of years. Having said that, you may see some items with labels of “Sekhmet House Of Wellness”, however the new name is “Sekhmet Holistic Wellness”. We appreciate the support of the community and apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause.

Now, on to our story! It began in 2014 after several health concerns; soon after, I started researching different ways to restore wellness using the holistic approach. Intuitively, natural and holistic wellness has been a part of my journey since I can remember, and now, here was my chance to explore. Healing our bodies with tools like meditation, yoga, mindfulness, different nutrition variations, exercise, and others have all been on the agenda. For years I have assisted family, friends, co-workers, and even random people I have met at the grocery store. After having attended over eight programs that embody these very same techniques, I feel compelled to continue my education and assist others. In 2021, I decided to enroll as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach with Hill College (Hillsboro, Texas). 


The name "Sekhmet" resonated with me after attending Queen Afua’s “Sacred Woman, Rites of Passage” program in 2019. Sekhmet is an Egyptian goddess or deity which symbolizes healing. So, as you can see, while Sekhmet Holistic Wellness LLC was officially born in 2021, my passion began long before. We intend to deliver products, resources, tools, and support to enhance and help you on your path to wellness. We welcome you and look forward to assisting you.


Franchesca “Fran” Thompkins

Holistic Wellness Coach 

Reiki Master

CEO/Founder/US Army Veteran

Wholesale St. Lucia Seamoss Distributor